Located in the Chicago area since 1999, Quantum Legal LLC is a boutique litigation firm, bringing together a select team of attorneys whose experiences range from holding large Fortune 50 corporations accountable to representing individuals and small businesses in hourly, high-stakes individual litigation. Our experience runs the gamut.

In the past few years the Firm has concluded several high-stakes lawsuits that have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries for our clients. In 2016 the firm, as sole Lead Counsel, resolved a long-pending class action lawsuit against Western Union, recovering over $145 million for its clients – persons who sent money transfers via Western Union – in a settlement that Senior District Judge John Kane found “remarkable” in its breadth and recovery for the class. Tennille v. Western Union Co., No. 09-cv-00938-JLK. In 2017, the firm, as Co-Lead Counsel, resolved a class action lawsuit against Caterpillar, which challenged C13 and C15 diesel engines, recovering $60 million for its trucker/clients. In re: Caterpillar, Inc. C13 and C15 Engine Products Liability Litigation.

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Life Flight – Emergency Medical Helicopter Transportation

- Quantum Legal is currently investigating claims against medical helicopter emergency transportation companies or air ambulances that offer helicopter transportation for people with medical emergencies including Life Flight Network. Read More

Collection and use of biometric identifiers (fingerprint, iris/retina scan) in Illinois

- Quantum Legal is investigating companies that collect and use your personal biometric identifiers like fingerprints, retina scans, iris scans, voice or handprint, facial geometry in Illinois. Read More

Electricity Overcharge – Constellation, AEP Energy, Starion, Ambit, Spark, Palmco, Santanna

- Quantum Legal is currently investigating class action cases regarding potentially inflated rates and unfair conduct in pricing of electricity (power) purchased through several energy service companies (“ESCOs”) or alternative retail electric suppliers ("ARES") that are not the utility company. Read More

J.G. Wentworth structured settlement purchases

- Quantum Legal is currently investigating allegations that J.G. Wentworth intentionally sent customers to lawyers with whom it had a business relationship in violation of state law. Read More

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Emissions Issues

- Quantum Legal is currently pursuing litigation against Cummins, Inc. and PACCAR (including its Peterbilt and Kenworth subsidiaries) for claims arising from their Cummins ISX and PACCAR MX diesel engines with allegedly defective emission systems. Read More