Like other types of insurance, title insurance is designed to protect consumers. You rely on title insurance companies to meet the obligations outlined in their policies. When these obligations are not met — due to fraud or deceptive trade practices — it can have a significant, negative impact on policyholders. Title insurance companies that fail to fulfill policy agreements or that have defrauded customers through improper billing practices or false advertising deserve to be held accountable for their actions.

At Quantum Legal LLC, we have more than a decade of experience investigating and resolving cases of title insurance fraud. Since 1999, our attorneys have obtained successful results against many insurance companies and other large companies in a variety of industries. From offices in the Chicago, Illinois, area we provide class action and complex, multidistrict litigation to consumers throughout the United States. Our lawyers are committed to helping our clients get the results that they deserve. We also want to have a positive impact on the marketplace.

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Using Class Action Litigation To Fight Title Insurance Fraud

There are several ways that title insurance companies and other insurance companies can defraud their policyholders. Some homeowners are overcharged for title insurance when purchasing or refinancing their homes or are never told that they qualified for discounted premiums. This overcharging can cost policyholders hundreds or thousands of dollars over the lifetimes of the policies and can generate much larger profits for the title insurance companies.

In other cases, title insurance companies have wrongfully and deceptively reduced payments to policyholders — or simply failed to perform the obligations listed in the policies. Client claims may be unfairly rejected and payments may not be paid or not paid in a timely manner. These acts and omissions are considered fraud according to the law and companies that engage in them should be held accountable.

Holding unscrupulous companies accountable for their actions requires an experienced class action law firm that understands what your rights are and how to enforce them. Our firm has built an impressive track record and has contested many cases of insurance fraud, taking on companies that include Travelers insurance company and Liberty Mutual insurance company.

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