Many car insurance policies have a provision in them that is called “Med Pay” coverage. This provides for the payment of any necessary medical bills that are incurred as a result of an automobile accident covered by the policy. Med Pay is designed to cover immediate and short-term health care needs, including any necessary surgical, medical and dental services. For many drivers, Med Pay insurance benefits are critical for their medical treatment following accidents, but auto insurance companies do not always meet their responsibilities when compensating policyholders.

At Quantum Legal LLC our lawyers represent consumers and medical professionals in class action lawsuits and complex litigation against auto insurance companies across the United States. We understand how car insurance companies will attempt to scam and defraud people to increase profits, and we have more than a decade of experience holding those companies accountable. Since 1999, our attorneys have been involved with class action lawsuits involving nationwide insurance companies, including Allstate, Farmers Insurance, 21st Century and Aetna.

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Since insurance companies are only required to compensate policyholders for reasonable medical treatment under Med Pay guidelines, some companies narrowly define what treatment is reasonable, which leaves many accident victims without Med Pay benefits for procedures that are necessary for a full recovery.

In other cases, insurance companies will determine that the amount charged by doctors and other medical professionals for medical treatment is not reasonable, according to their databases, and will not pay for the full cost of the treatment. These practices leave policyholders and medical professionals bearing the burden of expensive medical costs.

Many insurance providers use computer auditing programs and databases to determine the amount of benefits that are paid out on a given claim. These programs often use pre-determined percentages, however, to improperly reduce medical bills and payouts on Med Pay claims. These actions often lead to substantial losses for medical providers, hefty expenses for policyholders and large profits for the insurance companies.

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