Doctors and medical groups that face frequent battles with insurance companies to get full and fair payment of insurance claims lose revenue in a couple of different ways. First, when an insurance company wrongly denies or reduces a health care provider reimbursement claim, the medical group loses that revenue. Second, the medical group loses revenue because its members must spend valuable time trying to collect on reimbursement claims.

When insurance companies wrongfully delay, reduce or deny reimbursement claims from health care providers, they may be committing insurance fraud. In such cases, the medical group affected has the right to file litigation against the insurance company or companies at issue.

The nationwide class action and complex litigation law firm of Quantum Legal LLC represents medical groups and state medical associations in claims to recover revenues lost due to wrongful delay or denial of health care provider reimbursement claims. From our home office in the Chicago, Illinois, area, our attorneys represent individuals, small businesses and interest groups across the United States.

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Examples Of Revenue Recovery Litigation

The ways in which insurance companies delay, underpay and deny claims are limited only by the imagination. New forms of medical reimbursement fraud frequently come to light. Litigation to recover lost revenue from insurance companies may be based on circumstances, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Violation of state prompt-pay laws
  • Managed care contract underpayments
  • Improper rate reductions based on faulty data in insurance companies’ cost containment software
  • Unauthorized discounts by so-called “silent PPOs”
  • Post-treatment rescission of patients’ medical insurance

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