If you purchased tickets to any event, originally sold by Ticketermaster, on the secondary market through a reseller at ticketexchangebyticketmaster.com, we want to hear from you. As most consumers are aware, getting tickets for a sporting event, concert, show or other live entertainment event on Ticketmaster’s website is extremely difficult to do. At the end of the day, even the most prepared and persistent customers are unable to buy tickets for live events directly from Ticketmaster. Instead, many of the seats, including the best ones at the venue, are already purchased and almost immediately offered for “resale” on the secondary market. Many of these tickets are being resold by “scalpers” looking to make a buck at your expense by offering the tickets at a significant cost increase (i.e. premium) over the initial purchase price. Many of these tickets on the secondary market are accessible through Ticketmaster at ticketexchangebyticketmaster.com. We are investing claims that Ticketmaster, and its parent Live Nation Entertainment, actually worked together with these professional scalpers through the “Resale Partner Program” supported by TradeDesk. By doing so, Ticketmaster can earn fees twice on the sale of each ticket – once when the ticket is purchased, and again when that same ticket is resold through Ticketmaster’s secondary market program. Such practices are unfair to consumers as they are left to choose between missing out on attending a live event or paying sometimes hundreds or thousands of dollars more to a “reseller” through Ticketmaster. If you are such a consumer who paid more for a ticket by purchasing from a reseller at ticketexchangebyticketmaster.com, please contact Quantum Legal.

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