Quantum Legal has filed a lawsuit against J.G. Wentworth in Missouri and is also currently investigating purchases of structured settlements and annuities by J.G. Wentworth in various states, including Illinois and California. This lawsuit and investigation into other claims includes personal injury settlements where you get the money up front. Many states require someone transferring or selling a structured settlement or annuity in exchange for a lump sum payment to receive independent professional advice in order to prevent unfair or unreasonable terms and make sure that the individual is making an informed choice before they sign away their rights. Part of this requirement is often that the counsel is “disinterested,” which means they have no business relationship with the purchaser, and their compensation is not affected by whether you agree to the deal or not. This helps make sure that people are not taken advantage of.

When someone doesn’t receive actual independent professional advice, the terms of the transfer may not be fair and they may not receive as much money as they should have received in a fair deal.

Quantum Legal is suing J.G. Wentworth in a putative class action lawsuit alleging that J.G. Wentworth intentionally sent customers to lawyers with whom it had a business relationship in violation of state law. If you have transferred a structured settlement or annuity to J.G. Wentworth in exchange for a lump sum payment and believe you may not have received independent advice from a disinterested counsel (this could be a lawyer, financial advisor or another professional depending on the state you live in), please contact us.

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